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U-Power OPzS Batteries
 - Batteries for off-grid photovoltaic installations
U-Power OPzV Batteries
Professional Gel Batteries for solar aplications
BAE lead-acid OPzS batteries
BAE SECURA PVS solar batteries are low maintenance and used to store electric energy in medium and large solar photovoltaic
installations. Due to the robust tubular plate design BAE PVS batteries are excellent suited for highest requirement
regarding cycling ability and long lifetime.
AGM Batteries
AGM Technology with absorbed electrolyte.
Minimum self-discharge ratio.
SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free).
Recommended for indoor uses.
Suitable for renewable energy, cyclic, starting power.
Great D.O.D. performance.
High reliability.
More than 500 cycles at 75% D.O.D.
More than 1000 cycles as per IEC 61427.
Electrolyte density:
1,24 ± 0,01kg/l at 20ᵒC.
Design life
• More than 15 years at 20ᵒC
IIEC 896-1
• 1200 ciclos
Self discharge
• Approx. 3% per month at 20ᵒC
Operating temperature range
• -20ᵒC to 55ᵒC
Recommended 10ᵒC to 30ᵒC
Full conformity with
• IIEC 896-1, IEC 60896-1, EN 61427 & EN 50272-2

Your benefits with HOPPECKE OPzS solar.power


I Highest cycle stability during PSoC1 operation - due to tubular plate design with efficient charge

current acceptance

I Maximum efficiency with reduced charging factor - ready for use of optional elelctrolyte recirculation

I Maximum compatibility - dimensions according to DIN 40736-1

I Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation - based on HOPPECKE system connectors

I Extremely extended water refill intervals up to maintenance-free - optional use of AquaGen® recombination

system minimizes emission of gas and aerosols2

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