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Since 1992 Sol-Luz-Ion is activ in spain, installing solar energy systems.
Sol-Luz-Ion is autorized service partner of Studer Innotec (Inverter/Chargers)
Sales and Service Partner of LORENTZ solar (Pump systems)
Oficial distribiuter of BORNAY (small wind turbines since 1970)
If you want us to work out an estimate for you, just send a message and we will soon reply.

Outstanding items

Inverter XTM 3500-24 with charger

 The Xtender is a high-tech device that will play a central role in energy saving for your electrical installation. It has been designed to work as an inverter / charger with advanced functions, which can be used in a completely modular way and guarantee the faultless functioning of your energy system. When the Xtender is connected to a generator or network, the latter directly supplies the consumers, and the Xtender works like a battery charger and backup device if necessary. The powerful battery charger has an exceptional high efficiency and power factor correction (PFC) close to 1. It guarantees excellent battery charging in all situations. The charge profile is freely configurable according to the type of battery used or the method of usage. The charge voltage is corrected depending on the temperature, thanks to the optional external sensor. The power of the charger is modulated in real time dependent according to the demand of the equipment connected at the Xtender output and the power of the energy source (network or generator). It can even temporarily backup the source if the consumer demand exceeds the source capacity. The Xtender continuously monitors the source to which it is connected (network or generator) and disconnects itself immediately if the source is missing, disturbed or does not correspond to the quality criteria (voltage, frequency, etc.). It will then function in independent mode, thanks to the integrated inverter. This inverter, which has an extremely robust design, benefits from STUDER Innotec’s many years of experience and expertise in this area. It could supply any type of load without faults, enjoying reserves of additional power that is unmatched on the market. All your equipment will be perfectly provided with energy and protected from power outages in systems where energy supply is unpredictable (unreliable network) or voluntarily limited or interrupted, such as hybrid installations on remote sites or mobile installations. The parallel and/or three-phase network operation of the Xtender offers modularity and flexibility and enables optimum adaptation of your system to your energy requirements. The RCC-02/03 control, display and programming centre (optional) enables optimum configuration of the system and guarantees the operator continuous control for all important configurations in the installation. In order to guarantee perfect commissioning and functioning of your installation the setting up of such a system requires special expertise and may only be carried out by qualified personnel familiar with the applicable local regulations.

BORNAY 1500 24/48V

bornay 3000

Since 1970, we have been pioneers in harnessing the power of the wind. In getting electricty to places where there is none.

And there is a lot you can do in four decades. We have applied our technology in 50 countries: the United States of America, Japan, Angola, Antarctica...We have developed the most reliable small-scale windturbines in terms of performance and sturdiness. More than 4000 facilities around the world have chosen a Bornay.

Now is the time to contribute to distributed generation by making specific windturbines available for connection to grids.

We want to be with you on those long roads forward, sharing experience, knowledge, expertise.

We want to work with you, guaranteeing the quality of your facilities and bringing assurance to your customers.

When you need small wind turbines, trust Bornay.

1. For sturdiness

You can judge the hardiness of a Bornay just by looking at the sturdiness of our machinery. This makes it more resistant and means less maintenance.

2. For Reliability

We have the backing of more than 4000 installations in more than 50 different countries.

3. For Safety

Bornay's quality assurance is backed by its ISO 9001 certificate. Bornay was the first firm to implant this system and is currently one of the few companies with such accreditation.

The best thing would be to check it out yourself. When you need small wind turbines, choose Bornay.
Solar Pool Pump Set Lorentz PS2-600 for 30m³ 1.800,- €
Solar Pool Pump kit for swimming pools up to 30m³
Inverter/charger TAB-VX3-3k-PWM-24V 435,-€
The TAB VX3-3k 24V PWM is a sine wave inverter/charger wich includes a solar regulator of 50 amps and an AC charger of 25A
5-UOPzS-442 (800,- €)
422 Ah-C10 / 575 Ah-C100
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