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Die Firma Sol-Luz-Ion ist bereits seit 1992 aktiv in Vertrieb und Installation alternativer Energiesysteme.
  • Sales and Service Partner von Lorentz (führender Hersteller von Solarpumpen und Tracking Systemen)
  • Offizieller Partner von Bornay  (kleinwindkraft seit 1970)

Wir machen Ihnen gerne einen unverbindlichen Kostenvoranschlag.

Hervorragende Einzelteile

BORNAY 1500 24/48V

bornay 3000

Since 1970, we have been pioneers in harnessing the power of the wind. In getting electricty to places where there is none.

And there is a lot you can do in four decades. We have applied our technology in 50 countries: the United States of America, Japan, Angola, Antarctica...We have developed the most reliable small-scale windturbines in terms of performance and sturdiness. More than 4000 facilities around the world have chosen a Bornay.

Now is the time to contribute to distributed generation by making specific windturbines available for connection to grids.

We want to be with you on those long roads forward, sharing experience, knowledge, expertise.

We want to work with you, guaranteeing the quality of your facilities and bringing assurance to your customers.

When you need small wind turbines, trust Bornay.

1. For sturdiness

You can judge the hardiness of a Bornay just by looking at the sturdiness of our machinery. This makes it more resistant and means less maintenance.

2. For Reliability

We have the backing of more than 4000 installations in more than 50 different countries.

3. For Safety

Bornay's quality assurance is backed by its ISO 9001 certificate. Bornay was the first firm to implant this system and is currently one of the few companies with such accreditation.

The best thing would be to check it out yourself. When you need small wind turbines, choose Bornay.
Solar Pool-Pumpen Set PS2-600 bis 30m³ 1.800,- €
Komplettes Solar Pumpen System für Swimming Pools bis 30m³
TS 45 MPPT ohne Display
Wechselrichter/Lader TAB-VX3-3k-PWM-24V 435,-€

Der TAB VX3-3k 24V PWM ist ein Insel-Wechselrichter mit 30A Batterielader und 50A Solarladeregler zum Anschluß von Solarmodulen bis 1.200W (z.B. 6 Module a 200W)

5-UOPzS-442 (800,- €)
422 Ah-C10 / 575 Ah-C100
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